EVOTV Adds New Producer

The production arm of Evolution Media Group, evoTV has hired an experienced video producer to join its creative team. Florence Au-Yeung joins evoTV as a content producer, and will be content producer on the next series of the Investment Series. Florence was previously a multi platform content producer for the ABC, and across Hong Kong […]

Press Release: The Bottom Line Season 3 re-runs on Nine

Sunday mornings couldn’t get any easier following a recent announcement by Nine that selected episodes of the from the third season of the award winning leaderships series, The Bottom Line, will return Sundays at 10am. Season three of the series featured another stellar line-up of Australian and international guests including: Former Australian Cricket Captain and […]

Professional Planner: Businesses Transformed When Reality TV Meets e-Learning

A unique e-learning project which combines the popular appeal of “reality TV” with the interactive experience of online education, will be launched this week with the assistance of the University of Sydney Business School. The reality TV series, titled the No More Practice Transformation Series, will pit three wealth advisers against each other, while an […]

Business Owners Tap Into Growth Mentoring – TV Style

The business community will undergo a makeover of a lifetime with the launch of the 30 Day Business Challenge, a course led by its very own TV show offering business owners a unique method of learning as they watch TV in the comfort of their lounge rooms. Creator of No More Practice and Group CEO […]

3 reasons why negative press should not stop your hard work

Yes, we have all read the papers and seen the news. There is yet another scandal into financial planning and distrust and resentment are once again surfacing around the financial advice industry. I am not here to weigh in on that situation – the media is already doing enough of that. Rather, I am here […]

Why taking a break can make your business better

We’re more than halfway through the year, and suddenly many of us are starting to feel tired. It seems the world gets busier and we are packing more and more into our days. Not only do we seem to juggle more at work (let’s face it, we are several times more productive than we were […]

Hate your job? 3 ways to change your current position

Have you ever asked yourself the question; do I love what I do? Or, am I passionate about my career? No matter who you are, we all have bad weeks. However, some people experience bad months and even years. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there doing what they do because they feel […]

Press Release: Industry collective launches SMSF investor initiative

KEY POINTS: New industry initiative aims to educate SMSFs and retail investors through documentary based TV Advisers and accountants to receive tools and services to better engage end clients No More Practice Investment Series premieres on SkyNews Business, Sunday July 6 at 8:30pm Tuesday, 24th June 2014: A new industry initiative aimed at educating SMSF […]

Innovate or die: 3 ways to drive change in your business.

When you are in the trenches day to day in your business, sometimes innovation is way down the list. It’s not that you don’t want to be innovative; it’s just that running the day to day of what you do is demanding and leaves little time for creativity. However, if you fall into this trap, […]