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3 questions to ask yourself to make the world a better place

Making the world a better place can sound a bit naff and all too hard, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be as simple as returning a strangers smile or being open to random conversation in the coffee line, potentially turning around someone’s really bad morning to one worth fighting for. One of my very favourite quotes has to be: you were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it. And you just never know when that chance is going to come, or has already been.

Your vision for change may be really different to the person beside you, but it doesn’t make it any less valuable. Maggie Beer is committed to making the world a better place one meal at a time. My passion is for storytelling and increasing people’s knowledge base and decision making ability around business and finance through entertaining educational content.

You will also be surprised how powerful questions can be in your life, especially in relation to making a difference. So, in the spirit of remaining inquisitive here are the three questions I think you can ask yourself to make the world a better place, even if only slightly:

1. What am I most grateful for? Anchoring your view of the day, the week, the year or the world to your answer is empowering. We can easily get trapped into thinking things are worse than they are, or that we need more than we really do. At the end of the day when you rest your head on your pillow there will be a few clear winners – make sure you remind yourself what they are and how you can refine your thinking accordingly.

2. What are my most valuable skills? Don’t underestimate the value of both your personal and professional skills and how you can help others to achieve their goals by using your strengths to build theirs. Your skills, especially in business, can also afford you the genuine opportunity to make the world a better place through product innovation, big or small. Facebook has changed the world, so has toothpaste. Think big, use your skills for the greater good and remember this quote: too many people undervalue what they are, and undervalue what they are not.

3. What can I do today to positively affect one person? The first thing I think of is to open your heart. This simple act of committed kindness is free and has the power to not only make the world a better place, but to also make your business more profitable. At any given moment each person in your team (or family) has something that is their primary focus or concern – opening your heart to being there for that person in a constructive way can create life changing momentum.

Maggies Beer is passionately working on improving the quality of food for aged care in Australia. The Maggie Beer Foundation pulls together research that is in the world domain, but difficult to find in one place. To find out more or donate please visit the Foundation’s website:

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What do you think: Can we do more as a nation to improve life for our ageing population?

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