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3 tips for prioritising your personal worth

There are people and times that can make you question your place in a situation, event or negotiation. Staying true to your personal mission and worth takes hard work and a level of confidence that can sometimes only be earned with age.

Kate Ceberano talks passionately about her new book, I’m Talking: My Life, My Words, My Music and the journey she undertook writing the memoir, which she says allowed her to deconstruct people’s view of who she is and get back to her own life. It got me thinking, it can be pretty easy to get thrown off your game. Here are my 3 tips for prioritising your own personal worth so that you can walk confidently into the future:

  1. Self-reflect, but don’t change. There will always be critics that are waiting in the wings ready to judge and sling mud. Does it mean you should alter your plans or opinion to bend to those who tend to scream the loudest? I would say no, don’t. Stay true to your objective, be open to self-reflection and if you get to the other side of that thought process and realize you would do the same thing again, just ignore the haters because you can’t please them all.
  2. Be confident and achieve clarity. When you are easily affected by others actions or opinions you can be too quick to devalue your own experience and understanding of a situation. Remember, no one can know you or your plans better than you do – be confident about where you are headed so that in the mix of inevitably stressful situations you can maintain clarity and reach your goals without sacrificing your own self-worth.
  3. Don’t be afraid to change your mind and own the decision. Nothing is static, but it can be difficult to change your mind, especially if that decision affects those around you. Being able to identify when you need to change direction and owning that decision is an important part of valuing your personal worth. Playwright George Bernard Shaw famously said: Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Everyone has a purpose and a worth that allows this world to be an interesting and multicultural place. Don’t forget to remind yourself how important your role in that diverse economy of humanity actually is.

What do you think, how important is it to detach your own worth from other people’s assessment of you?

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