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3 ways to make financial services more interesting

While those of us who work in the industry will most likely find it more than interesting, we have all experienced the glazing of the eyes or the lack of interest when you tell someone you work in financial services, let alone tell them you are an adviser or accountant.

What most people don’t realise is that while finance might be boring, wealth is much more interesting, and if they could only get past their pre-conceived ideas, you could offer them much more than most in the way of great advice and connections.

Here are three ways you can break through and connect:

1. Lose the jargon. We have a tendency to make things much more complex than we need to. There are lots of acronyms and jargon in financial services, and we tend to use it without even noticing. Try to communicate your message in a way that is practical and easily digestible by anyone of any age – it actually takes a lot more thought and work to keep your message clear and simple than to slip back into technical speak.

2. Ask people what wealth means to them. What is their definition of success and how do they see their future unfolding? Relating what you do to their goals and aspirations makes it much more relevant and, quite frankly, interesting. Remember, the most interesting conversations are as much about listening as talking – the more you can find out about them, the more you can help and be relevant.

3. Use inspiring case studies. Find the good news stories – not the ones where disaster has struck and insurance or advice has really helped. How have people transformed their lives? How have you been part of that? Good news is infectious and inspires people to create some of their own with your help. For too long finance has told scare stories to motivate people to act. Fear is not a good motivator long term.

While the perception of financial services and financial advice will not change overnight, we all have a role to play in changing the way people perceive and engage with our industry. This will be to the betterment of all.

How do you communicate with your clients?

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