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Aussies Missing Huge Super Opportunities

Vanessa Stoykov, CEO Evolution Media Group
Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of Evolution Media Group, commissioned a report to find out how much Aussies interact and how much they know about their super funds. has published the findings, the numbers are not what you would expect.

There’s an “overwhelming” lack of knowledge and understanding of superannuation across the board in Australia, new independent research reveals.

The majority of Australians do not like, understand or trust superannuation providers, independent research by money educator and expert Vanessa Stoykov reveals.

“With 9.5 per cent of your before-tax salary being contributed to super, this lack of understanding is costing the everyday Australian thousands of dollars,” Ms Stoykov told

Only one in three Australians – 30 per cent – in the 1500-people survey trust superannuation providers and value their advice and an even smaller cohort of 15 per cent cite superannuation funds as key to preparing for their financial futures.

More than a quarter – 27 per cent – of Australians are confused about what superannuation providers actually do with the funds.

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Vanessa Stoykov, CEO Evolution Media Group
Vanessa Stoykov, CEO Evolution Media Group