The definition of insanity – 3 ways to change the way you do business

We have all heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing things the same way, and expecting them to be different. So now is the time to start looking at your business with new eyes. If you want to see better margins, more clients and engaged staff then perhaps it is time to […]

3 ways to use content marketing without spending a cent

While we here at No More Practice have been marketing our content to you – our valued community – for over four years, we talk to plenty of business owners who are only just starting to dip their toe in the water when it comes to content marketing. It is actually a pretty labour intensive […]

3 ways to strengthen your business weakness

Anyone who is running a business knows that it takes effort, dedication, talent and hard work. Most of the time we are running so hard day to day, it becomes hard to step back and assess what could make your business even better. Sometimes, just identifying your weaknesses and strengthening them can make all the […]

3 ways to approach big business decisions

There have been many times in my business that I have been faced with big decisions to make – the kind that can change the future shape and potential of the company. At these times it is vital you make the right decision to achieve your desired outcome. Here are three ways to help you […]

3 ways to know when saying no is the best way to grow your business

As my business has grown in size and scale over the years, I have realised a strange phenomenon. When you start, saying yes is what you need to do to get ahead. Any opportunity that you identify, you jump on it and make something of it. However, as you grow and mature, you find that […]

Break all the rules when problem solving

‘If you can’t find a solution to a problem, then you are following the rules’. I don’t know who said this first, but it is a great quote to remind you that problem solving is not about doing things as they have always been done. Especially now, with technology at our disposal, problems need to […]

3 reasons to think before you judge

Too often people assume they know someone before they actually do. Maybe it is the way they look, speak or carry themselves. Perhaps it is more to do with what has been said or published in the media. It may be a feeling or a sixth sense. In any case, it is risky. Anthony Field talks […]

3 ways to make financial services more interesting

While those of us who work in the industry will most likely find it more than interesting, we have all experienced the glazing of the eyes or the lack of interest when you tell someone you work in financial services, let alone tell them you are an adviser or accountant. What most people don’t realise […]

3 ways to use your business intuition

While business is a combination of process, knowledge, contacts and vision, there is another important aspect of business that can be a powerful competitive advantage. This is tapping into your business intuition – hunches that you know are right, but have no empirical evidence to prove it. Gut instinct that a certain direction will lead […]