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We believe that the most effective way people learn is through stories. 

As pioneers of slivercasting in Australian finance, we have designed innovative approaches to learning with video storytelling for more than 20 years. We’re an educational video company, so our approach is to always create relatable, authentic content that connects with our audience in order to achieve the learning objectives for our partners.

Our content is not only educational but also entertaining. Creating entertaining content is an art. It comes from knowing your audience and their interests and needs beyond just an interest in the content itself. While ‘entertainment value’ is highly subjective, we have the experience and the know-how to capture that value and provide you with content that gives your audience the opportunity for enjoyable learning.

As an educational video company, we know the most effective way to learn is through stories. The most enjoyable way to learn is through the story, as well.

what is slivercasting?

Slivercasting is the art and science of transmitting video programming to a targeted, niche audience. Often it’s done via live streaming on the internet. This means it can reach a much larger nationwide or even worldwide audience at a much lower initial cost.

elearning with an educational video company

Online learning is essential during uncertain times when events are postponed, or social distancing requirements are in place. Educational videos can fill the gap when physical learning experiences simply aren’t available.w

why choose evolution media group?

At Evolution Media Group, we’re experts at producing high-quality, professional, and effective video content for clients throughout Australia. You give us your objectives, learning outcomes, and, of course, your stories. In return, we’ll give you positive, entertaining, and engaging learning experiences.

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