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Embrace video for deeper advice engagement

Via financialobserver

Despite the fact advice interactions were centred on real-life stories, too many planners were failing to realise the potential of video storytelling to help connect with audiences and drive engagement, according to Evolution Media Group.

Speaking as part of an XY Adviser webinar yesterday, Evolution Media chief executive Vanessa Stoykov said the secret of bringing advice to a mainstream audience lay in building engagement through rich and informative video content.

A key aspect of that was incorporating entertainment principles into educational videos with clearly defined distribution channels, as well as ensuring the content appealed to audiences of all ages and demographics, Stoykov said.

“We started Evolution Media 17 years ago with the premise that if money is interesting, then why is finance boring,” she said.

“Content is a beast that you need to keep feeding … and with every good piece of content you need to have a good storyline arc.

“We realised the need to turn to video as a way of doing things differently and building engagement, because it was all about how we make [financial advice] interesting and that’s an art form.”

For Stoykov, successful videos showcased the stories of everyday people, while tapping into the emotions in advice conversations that made audiences “feel, not just think”.

“People buy people … we all love good stories, it’s a [fundamental] part of human nature [and] it’s how you hand down good learning,” she said.

“However, there’s no point having a video unless you have something different to say … find a point of difference and find a voice and then create a channel around that.

“[Advisers] don’t have to have a big budget to create good content, but they have to be able to own a good conversation.”

She revealed Evolution Media would launch its new website for advisers on 14 December.

“It’s going to have opinions from leading advisers and experts in the industry, as well as our regular blogs,” she said.

“We’re also launching a new TV show, Investment Series 4 … it’s a labour of love and I hope that advisers will enjoy it.”