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No More Practice franchise education platform achieves CPD-accredited

evolution media group (evolution) has expanded its suite of branded entertainment products to include education through the CPD-accreditation and endorsement of the No More Practice franchise by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

The current series of the successful online and digital, reality TV program, No More Practice, and the upcoming inaugural conference, No More Practice Live Event, were both recently awarded CPD-accreditation status with the two leading financial planning industry bodies.

Vanessa Stoykov, evolution CEO and series creator, said: “No More Practice was created in 2010 to fill a gap in the financial services industry for real, boardroom-level advice for practices looking to grow or sell their businesses.

“Since the show began, we’ve been inundated with positive responses from the industry, as well as requests for more insights and materials. The evolution of No More Practice into an education platform stems from the series and is a direct result of industry demand.”

Viewers can earn 1 CPD point for watching each episode of the six-part third series via the No More Practice website and through answering a short multiple-choice quiz¹. Attendees at the full-day event will receive 6.5 points for their attendance². As well as CPD-points, viewers of the show can also access online tools, materials and expert blogs to assist in preparing their businesses for growth or sale.

With the positive take up of CPD points for season three, the same accreditation will be available for future episodes. Series four is currently in pre-production and will focus on a financial planning practice and, for the first time, an accounting business.

Richard Klipin, CEO at the AFA, said: “The No More Practice series is a valuable opportunity for our members to learn from some of the biggest experts in the business, and from the real-life challenges of financial planning practice heads, while also earning precious CPD points.”

Speaking on the melding of education and branded content, Stoykov said: “Finance brands are increasingly recognising the wealth of expertise that exists within their businesses and are keen to share it with potential commercial partners. Through sharing valuable advice and insight, the involved brands are leveraging branded content to engage with highly engaged niche audiences. The added value and learning opportunities for viewers is an added bonus.”

Testimonials for the No More Practice series have been overwhelmingly positive.

One viewer commented that there is no one else helping practice owners out in this way. “We do our training, our qualifications but what helps us to run that practice away from the traditional model that does not really work anymore, and to remain competitive and build viable assets? No More Practice! This show has allowed me to feel normal and relate what I am experiencing to what others are experiencing. Thanks for the sanity check and real practical help.”

Another said: “I was sceptical whether I’d get any value from the series but it’s been very enlightening. Questions about business expansion are multi-faceted so having the depth and width of talent from ‘the experts’ is the source of the real learning. I wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to the advice of so many different fields, and as a business owner this makes the program so unique. I commend the advisers featured. They’re gutsy and honest for the benefit of others’ learning. I like the short, punch format as it makes the programs easier to fit into a busy day.”

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¹ Each episode of No More Practice series three is worth 1 CPD point with the AFA and the FPA

² Attendance at the full-day, No More Practice Live Event is worth 6.5 CPD points with the AFA