our story

our approach

For more than 20 years, Evolution Media Group has set itself apart with our focus on creativity, ideas, and a different way of looking at telling stories about money and finance.  

We have delivered content across many forms of media in the market, and understand what cuts through, creates relationships, and delivers results and returns on investment for our partners. We have strong connections to various distribution channels and platforms and work closely with the highest quality collaboration partners in production, writing, speaking, and online education programs.

At Evolution Media we’ve always believed people will understand and retain what they learn if they enjoy the process. No matter the medium, we always have this in mind when we tell stories.

our history

Back in 1999, founder Vanessa Stoykov was a young journalist working in financial services who spotted a gap in the market. This was a lack of meaningful and clear communications from the brilliant minds of financial services to the general public. Since then, Vanessa and our team at Evolution Media Group have been developing the craft of delivering complex concepts to an audience through entertaining and intelligible stories both within and about finance.

Evo’s goal has always been to educate through the story. We aim to bring both finance professionals and everyday people on a journey where they pick up meaningful skills around money and investing.

This goal has been a lifelong mission. Evolution Media Group has collaborated with some of the most successful minds from around the world to bring finance and investing to life.

Evolution Media Group and NMP Education

In 2008, Evo created an education platform, NMP Education, specifically for financial advisers. Since then it’s become the biggest video learning platform for financial planners in Australia and was acquired in 2018 by OneVue. We continue to make advisory content for the community, and well as the broader public via our network TV programs and online learning.

See more about our founder here VanessaStoykov.com