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Evolution media sells The Bottom Line to CPA Australia

Evolution media group has sold the rights to its leadership program and award-winning TV series, The Bottom Line, back to co-creator CPA Australia.

The highly successful TV series, which was supported by an online leadership community, spanned three seasons, all of which were screened on the Nine Network, and was created as a joint venture between evolution media group and CPA Australia.

In the five years since its inception, The Bottom Line leadership program has grown its audience to over five million and the TV show has featured interviews from some of Australia’s most successful and influential thinkers.

It was sold in full to CPA Australia for an undisclosed amount in December last year.

Evolution media group chief executive Vanessa Stoykov said she looked forward to seeing what CPA Australia would do next with the leadership program.

“The Bottom Line has been a great collaboration project with CPA Australia,” Stoykov said.

“We have talked to incredible people and built a loyal following around the content.

“It is exciting to see the program taken to the next level via CPA Australia ownership of the whole initiative.

“We look forward to seeing what unfolds in the future”.


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