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Financial Observer: NMP Reveals Aim, Partners For Next Series

Connecting end investors with opportunities will be the key focus of the advisers, fund managers and research houses featured in the second season of No More Practice’s The Investment Series.

“I think the biggest thing about [the series] is that we’ve made the decision to engage more with the end user,” evolution media chief executive Vanessa Stoykov told financialobserver.

“There are so many questions and challenges across the industry and we’re really well positioned to answer those questions.”

The series would educate investors on topics such as exchange-traded funds in an entertaining and engaging format, and would feature three advisers and three everyday investors, Stoykov said.

“If we can bring our formats and our way of entertaining and engaging people to these pretty serious subjects, then we can get [investors] to learn,” she said.

“I think we can increase demand for the industry and actually help people if we can increase people’s awareness of how to generate wealth.”

Each of the three advisers featured on the show would bring along real-life investors who were actually their own clients in order to ensure an authentic situation, she said.

“[The series] is really showing the world what a good investment adviser can do, but also what questions an investor should be asking,” she said.

Stoykov would take a role in the show, educating generation X viewers on investing and the questions they should be asking about investment opportunities.

She will be supported by Lonsec joint chief executive Amanda Gillespie as well as Zenith Investment Partners director David Wright, who represent the two research houses featured on the show.

Netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine would feature as a guardian of the show alongside Gillespie and Wright, she said.

The investment series would also feature a number of fund managers, including IOOF portfolio manager of Australian equities Dan Farmer, AMP Capital head of global listed infrastructure Tim Humphrey, Capital Group senior vice president Andy Budden, Allan Gray analyst and portfolio manager Simon Mawhinney and UBS Global Asset Management head of investment strategy Tracey McNaughton. Triple3 Partners executive director Simon Ho, Australian Ethical portfolio manager Andy Gracey and Blue Sky Alternative Investments director Alex McNab would also feature.

The series, scheduled to air mid-2015, is comprised of six episodes and is accredited by the FPA for continuing professional development points.

evolution media was currently working towards it being included as part of the curriculum for an advanced diploma of financial planning and it also had potential for a bridging course into a master’s degree in financial planning, Stoykov said. Last year’s No More Practice Transformation Series attracted a viewership of over 80,000 across seven episodes.


This article was published by the Financial Observer 22 January 2015 by Elizabeth Somerville.

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