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Business Owners Tap Into Growth Mentoring – TV Style

The business community will undergo a makeover of a lifetime with the launch of the 30 Day Business Challenge, a course led by its very own TV show offering business owners a unique method of learning as they watch TV in the comfort of their lounge rooms.

Creator of No More Practice and Group CEO of evolution media group, Vanessa Stoykov said the 30 Day Business Challenge, parallel to the No More Practice Transformation Series, has reinvented the online learning experience for business owners across all industries.

“From the Café owner to a Public Practice owner, we have created the 30 Day Business Challenge to give all business owners the chance to take a step back from the day to day running of a business in order to work strategically on it,” said Ms Stoykov.

“With access to exclusive content from a team of online experts and mentors, business owners will complete the course with a tangible, relevant and real opportunity to generate change and increased profitability within your business.”

The University of Sydney Business School Associate Dean, Nigel Finch said the University was pleased to be involved and in support of the reinvention of business education via the 30 Day Business Challenge.

“The future of business education is going to look like precisely this. It’s online, accessible, and deliverable into a lounge room. Online resources allow viewers and users to experience the journey, tap in, dive into particular subject areas and engage with it in a really structured way to deliver a high quality learning outcome,” Dr Finch said.

“I can’t think of a better way to assemble real life cases… this is about real businesses in this Australian context coupled with the frameworks that we actually use.

“I am so proud to be part of this experience and to deliver this – it has been a hell of a journey and a lot of fun, not only for the business owners but for a lot of the experts who have been assembled around this experience as well.”

The 30 Day Business Challenge is now available for pre-sale via for $399.00.

Further information on the 30 Day Business Challenge and No More Practice Transformation Series will be released.