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Kate Ceberano on her all-revealing autobiography and her views on scientology.

Soulful vocalist turned author Kate Ceberano has revealed intimate details from her newly
published autobiography, I’m Talking: My life, My Words, My Music in an interview with
Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line program, airing this Saturday 17 May at 4:00pm.

Ceberano reveals to host and CPA Australia Chief Executive Alex Malley her motives
behind writing the autobiography after a successful entertainment career spanning over
three decades.

“I wanted to deconstruct people’s overview of who I am and get back my own life…it may
not be the most poetic…but it’s an orderly chronological study of a life in art.”

Now a mother to 10-year-old daughter Gypsy Rogers, Ceberano subjectively reflects on her
rise to the top of the Australian music scene, recounting the years from the age of 14 spent
in nightclubs performing.

“It’s incredible…I actually wasn’t raised with any concept of fear, which is itself kind of
terrifying to me, because you know I’m a mother of a 10 year old and she seems so young
to me, just four years short of when I started professionally working.”

Ceberano speaks openly about her faith in Scientology, the philosophy of self-respect and
why it has been passed down through her family over the past three generations.

“I’ve learnt over the years that in the end whether it came from Scientology or it came from
any other combined applied philosophy it’s all useful because in the end it’s defining the
same purpose, which is you must respect yourself.”

Ceberano tells Malley that I’m Talking has given her a sense of perspective on her regrets
and accomplishments throughout her life and career.

“The book is in my hand and it’s a fantastic object which shows me what I do and what I’ve
done but it isn’t who I am or what I am becoming you know.”

Today, Ceberano continues to blaze through the Australian music scene, crediting the
ongoing support and values of her humble family.

“They weren’t full of big bold ideas and noisy protest, their protest was you seek to live by
example and so your life should be an example to others, and they were, they were a great
example to me.”

Kate Ceberano shares her insights with Alex Malley on The Bottom Line – airing on
Saturday 17 May at 4pm on Channel Nine.

Watch Kate Ceberano’s full interview online now.

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