sparking financial empowerment.

Lets Get Real – Right Now

It’s an exciting time to finally see my new site go live and be able to talk to the world about the new framework my team and I are developing to deliver on my mission.

Did you know that only 45% of Australians are considered financially literate? And the literacy gap between men and women is getting bigger. Since COVID and a rapidly changing social gap that is only widening, new ways must be found in solving old problems.

I believe that everyone can be better with money if they are open to learning. I am guided by the principle that creating moments for people through courageous conversations will put them on a path to financial learning that will change their financial future significantly.

Our vision is for evolution media group to be the world leader in money edutainment – shifting the dial dramatically on financial literacy through entertainment-led learning. Through storytelling across a variety of media, we aim to be the ‘spark’ or ‘awakening’ for people to truly take charge of their own financial futures and start their learning journey.

The launch of our new platform, ‘Let’s Get Real About Money’, is part of our strategy to present as many people as possible with the opportunity to find their learning ‘spark’ around money. It has taken me personally 22 years to find the courage to stand at the front of the mission, rather than behind my company brand.

I believe in the story I tell, about why taking control of your financial future is transformational. I also believe it’s my life’s purpose to share that story with as many people as possible across the world.

You will be seeing me more in the media talking to people around the importance of focussing on their finances and planning what they really want from their lives. Media continues to be a key driver of people receiving their information. Super, advice and investing need to be on the agenda as often as possible.

We at evolution media group are developing learning experiences based on storytelling that are character driven and multi- dimensional. 2022 will see our launch of the first interactive learning experience for people who can make financial decisions via fictional characters. We have made a significant investment in creating these learning pathways in partnership with a leading instructional design agency that I believe will truly guide people to their own ‘spark’ for taking control of their money.

So how will we get our content out there? What’s our business model?

Our partners in this will be leading organisations across superannuation, technology, advice, and investing that hold guardian positions for people in important segments of their financial life. Through a deep understanding developed over 27 years in the financial services industry, and trusted relationships developed over time, I can honestly say our leaders are in the top 1% of brainpower in the country. And they are definitely the type of people I have wanted looking after my money.

Evo’s other partnerships are some of the best creative storytellers from across the globe, in many different channels and styles. From writers, producers, to political cartoonists and podcasting, evolution media has developed significant creative brains trusts that have game changing abilities as storytellers. We have won an international business award, beating out 53 other countries for our Channel 9 series, The Secrets of the Money Masters. We have built a video education platform that became the leader for financial planner video learning. Our reality TV formats for NMP Education have been award winning and game changing.

Our competitive advantage has always been our combination of creativity and finance.

Of course, I need to thank the important and significant leaders who have supported this mission over many years, helping everyday people to relate differently to the financial services industry. You have met them with me on screen many times over the years if you have followed our programs. The calibre of talent on those programs has always made me proud.

I’ve had many people tell me over the years that seeing our shows or hearing a particular story when working on set has changed their lives and made them want a financial plan – real live evidence that what we do is working.

Please stay in touch and keep telling me your stories.

All the best,