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Mango Publishing Signs New Book From Award-Winning Australian Money Educator Vanessa Stoykov

Mango Publishing Group – one of the fastest growing independent publishers in 2019, 2020, and 2021 – has signed a book deal with leading Australian money educator Vanessa Stoykov.

Titled ‘The Five Conversations About Money That Will Radically Change Your Life’, the book is for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom and spark change in their future. It shares eye opening money moments and courageous conversations that will help people start and keep talking about money. The book is slated for release in October, 2022.

Having over two decades of experience in financial services, Vanessa knows that there is a lot of confusing jargon used within the finance industry, so she has written this book using plain language to help break down misconceptions and the taboos around money.

With a huge shift in generational wealth coming in the next few years, it has never been more important for each person to plan for how they can get the most out of their money. This book offers practical tools to achieve that, and can help every stage of a person’s financial life.

This will be Vanessa’s second book, following her debut novel ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings’ which was a world-first within the finance industry as it was written as a fable based on fictional characters.

As part of their strategic expansion outside the US, Mango Publishing Group is also excited to have other Australian authors join their portfolio over the coming year, including a second book from Productivity Expert Jessica Holsman and Executive Creative Director and the creator of Winning The Room Jonathan Pease.

Mango Publishing Group’s International Publishing Director, publishing luminary Lou Johnson, joined Mango late last year to spearhead their international growth. Previously, Publishing Director at Murdoch Books and Managing Director for Simon and Schuster (Australia) Johnson says “Our goal is to create high-quality books that stretch the boundaries of our culture, explore new ideas and start conversations with our readers, on a global scale. We have an exciting contemporary business model and focus on building a strong, long lasting relationship with our authors, who are some of the freshest, most distinctive voices of our time.
“We have a rigorous process for selecting our authors and books, and Vanessa embodies everything Mango stands for. She’s passionate, values driven and the real deal. In her work, and now with this book, she breaks down any stigma attached to money, demystifies and democratises access to wealth, and shows us that our relationship with money and the conversations we have about it are a critical pillar of our overall wellbeing. Vanessa knows financial freedom requires plain language conversations, so she has written the best finance book to break down the taboos around money.”
On the partnership, Vanessa Stoykov says, “I am extremely excited to become part of the Mango family. They are dedicated to getting knowledge and stories out into the world, in a way that completely aligns to how we live today. In a digital world, the team understands how to get books to readers in an innovative, streamlined and global way and their long tail approach to their authors aligns with my philosophy of long-term partnerships perfectly. Lou Johnson is an exceptional publisher, and I’m incredibly grateful to have worked so closely with her on this project, and to be partnering to get this important message out there to the world.”


Author Vanessa Stoykov:
Vanessa Stoykov is a money educator and the CEO of international award-winning financial education media company Evolution Media Group. With more than 27 years in the financial services industry, Vanessa is a well-recognised money expert regularly commentating on media platforms across Australia and internationally, sparking courageous conversations about money through engaging storytelling.

About Mango Publishing™:
Mango Publishing Group™ is an independent book publisher based in Miami, Florida. The company publishes high-quality nonfiction books from fresh and distinct voices that spark new ideas with readers around the world. The company has a catalogue of more than 1000 titles. Mango is proud of their forward-thinking ambition, diversity and openness. With a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, the indie publisher marries the science of data analysis with the art of book publishing. Mango is participating in a more sustainable future, including using vegetable-based inks, printing on FSC paper and ensuring ethical and non-wasteful sourcing.



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