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Sydney, 1 May 2012 – An Audience with Neil Armstrong (a special edition of evoTV’s The Bottom Line) officially launches today with the first of the four part, world exclusive series screening on


In the wake of NASA’s decision to end the space shuttle program, Alex Malley, series host and CPA Australia CEO, interviews Commander Armstrong about his early life, the lunar landing and his current position on the policy direction of the space agency. New episodes will screen weekly throughout May, revealing Commander Armstrong’s story of collective courage, leadership and tremendous risk.

So what do a media company, Australia’s largest accounting and finance body and the first man on the moon have in common? A shared set of values on leadership and the belief that taking on risk is necessary to pave the way for change. The result is meaningful and compelling content that will engage a broad audience and create deeper relationships.

The partnership between CPA Australia and evolution media group (owner of evoTV) has evolved over two years into a joint venture united by a vision to create meaningful content. evoTV’s The Bottom Line has also showcased the lives and motivators of great leaders in Australia and internationally such as John Eales, James Strong, Carla Zampatti, Mark Bouris, Ann Sherry and Lindsay Tanner.

Vanessa Stoykov, series creator and evolution CEO, said: “Episode one of The Bottom Line, our first content collaboration, was filmed in a hotel room. Two years later, Alex is in our studio interviewing arguably one of the most famous men to walk the planet – and, of course, also the surface of the moon.”

“I believe the type of branded content we’re creating will take people by surprise. This is broadcast quality content that speaks to directly to a professional audience, yet it also has such mainstream appeal. It is not product placement or advertising. We maintain editorial integrity but is actively brand funded and supported,” continued Stoykov.

Alex Malley, host and CPA Australia CEO, said: “Commander Armstrong very rarely gives interviews so we were thrilled that he agreed to talk to us. Having heard his story first-hand, I cannot think of a current leader who could claim to have inspired the world to think bigger and meet a vision like he and his team did.”

“We invest in online video content as it adds vibrancy and a different dynamic to our organisation. It’s about trying new methods by which to engage audiences and test uncharted territory for our brand and business. We hope audiences find Neil Armstrong’s story as inspiring as we did.”

Episode 1 of An Audience with Neil Armstrong premieres today via:

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In the series, Commander Armstrong said on piloting the Lunar Module landing:

“I took over manually and flew it like a helicopter… (there was) 20 seconds of fuel left.”


“In the middle of descent, our computer complained at us that we were having a problem, but it didn’t admit responsibility. I have to admit, I didn’t know the nature of this particular alarm…”


On his expectations of the mission:


“I thought we had a 90 per cent chance of getting back safely to Earth, but only a 50/50 chance of making a successful landing on the moon.”


On how he felt when upon landing on the moon:


“It was special… and memorable… but it was only instantaneous because there was work to be done.”


Episodic breakdown:


Episode 1: Premieres May 1 – Childhood and early career
Commander Armstrong’s childhood and early career laid the foundations for his destiny. From his first aeroplane flight with his Father at aged seven and the 78 missions he flew in the Korean War, to the dangers of being a test pilot and the space race with the Soviet Union, Commander Armstrong speaks about his journey towards the Apollo 11 mission.


Episode 2: Premieres May 8 – The risks involved in leadership
Commander Armstrong speaks candidly about the tragic deaths of his space program colleagues which resulted in a complete redesign and rebuild of the space craft. He also reveals that it was only one month before the Apollo 11 mission launched that he and his team were told that they would lead the mission. The pressures and risk that brought with it were immense.


Episode 3: Premieres May 15 – The day that stopped the world
Having successfully reached the moon, the real test was now upon them; the landing. Commander Armstrong speaks about a computer malfunction that occurred during the descent which forced them to take over the Lunar Module and fly it manually with only seconds of fuel left. The intensity of piloting towards a successful landing meant he didn’t think about his famous words until he was about to open the hatch. What many people wouldn’t know is that a piece of pen was responsible for helping them get back into orbit.


Episode 4: Premieres May 22 – A world exclusive
In the final episode, watch a world exclusive as Commander Armstrong speaks through the lunar landing in real-time, using a split screen of actual footage filmed from the Lunar Module and duplicate Google Moon footage, debunking any claims that the landing never happened. He also speaks about his life after the mission and his thoughts on the future of the NASA program.


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