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The Pivot to Learning in a Pandemic

COVID19 has unquestionably changed the way we live and think as a society both in Australia and around the globe. And if you are in business, trying to position yourself with such an uncertain looking future can be challenging to say the least.

With this in mind, evolution media group’s CEO Vanessa Stoykov has joined Let’s Connect Women for their first Entrepreneurial Survival Guide – an 8 week online learning course especially designed for small business owners, in particular women, to reposition, grow and thrive in their own business during and post the pandemic.

The course begins on Thursday 30 April, for 8 weeks every Thursday. It brings leading experts in everything from sales, marketing, mindset, social media, and of course money and finance.

evolution media group and Vanessa have designed all new learning tools for entrepreneurial business owners on how to think about money in the new world order, including areas on which to capitalize with the opportunities that exist.

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