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Press Release: Ian Kiernan for politics?

In an exclusive interview with The Bottom Line (Saturday 7 June at 4.00pm on Channel Nine) Chairman and Founder of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World Ian Kiernan talks passionately about his mission for a greener future involving over 30 million volunteers and spanning across 140 countries.

Globally recognised as an innovator and visionary, Kiernan remains true to his entrepreneurial roots and rejects the possibility of influencing change from a political position.

“I’m not prepared to have the lobotomy. I believe I wield more power in the corridors then I would in the chamber and that’s how I want to keep it.”

Kiernan explains to host Alex Malley (Chief Executive of CPA Australia) how spending a great deal of his time working hand in hand with the United Nations has revolutionised the way communities think about the environment.

“We’re seeing this movement expand all over the world because the problems we had here with Sydney Harbour, they’re everywhere, everywhere and people don’t want it to be like that, they want to fix it. People felt powerless on how to fix the environment but now they know that by taking this first step they can start to fix it.”

Kiernan has further invested a great deal of his time into educating younger generations on ways to protect and preserve their future.

“I talk at schools at any opportunity. Kids are the environmental Nazis in the home: ‘mum, don’t buy that product it’s not good, it’s over packaged’. They understand it. I didn’t grow up with that; I had to learn it later. Kids will carry that wonderful legacy right through the rest of their lives and see that their children understand it too.”

Kiernan’s dedication to the Clean Up movement not only educates younger generations across the world on environmental preservation, but also the importance of taking risks and standing up for what you believe in.

“I believe you can achieve anything you want in this world, anything at all because if you don’t achieve it, you didn’t want it enough. That’s my mantra.”

Watch Ian Kiernan’s interview preview online now.

Ian Kiernan shares his insights with Alex Malley on The Bottom LineSaturday 7 June at 4.00pm on Channel Nine.

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