Purpose Driven Brand Story Products

By telling your brand story, we spark courageous conversations that build engagement, cement loyalty and drive productivity.

Brand storytelling is a major component of your brand identity as it allows you to connect to your audience and build loyalty.  Brand Storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your members or clients.  The brand stories we tell to get to the ‘why’ of your business.  What’s your noble purpose?  What is your value proposition?

The best way to reach a customer who’s deciding what and when to buy is to stop pushing your products so hard and focus more on why your business exists at all. When you tell this story and explain your values, you’ll engage the clients and members who share your values. When you find the people who share your values, there’s a much better chance they’ll stay loyal to you.

Your story then becomes your company strategy, which propels your brand forward. Having a brand story and what you stand for at the core of your company strategy does more than just help guide marketing activities and create consistent messages that connect with your audience. It gets your team on the same page. It energises them so that they know where they’re going and why they’re going there. It gives your company a purpose. And that purpose will drive you forward.

For Small Business/finance professional (ie. financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, etc.)

  • FIXED FEE – $20K
    1 x 4-6 minute brand story film plus social media asset
    • Interview where we unpack the driving purpose and passion behind your brand and the journey from your brand’s inception to today.
    • The film will showcase how and why your brand makes a positive difference in your clients’ lives.

For Large Finance Companies (ie. fund managers with approval layers)

  • Member/Client Case Study Testimonial Stories
    Client or member case study testimonial stories are effective because they are more engaging and customers will pay more attention to a video than a word copy.  Again, stories engage and connect.  Your audience, including both current and prospective members or clients, will be more drawn to your brand after viewing a powerful testimonial story of someone else’s journey and how your brand helped them through a challenging process. They become real examples of your brand at work.  When you allow your clients or members to tell their own stories of their positive connection to your brand, they become your business’s own ambassadors who help build trust and authenticity in your brand.  These stories will truly show the impact your brand has to make people’s lives better.
    AIA Case Studies

    Password: AIA

  • DDO Compliance videos (For fund managers)
    In our post Royal Commission era that brought in increased regulation and scrutiny on our financial institutions, it is more critical than ever before to adhere to compliance rules for fiduciary responsibilities.  Our investment product videos for fund managers and financial advisers serve as a highly effective tool to communicate to the end investors to ensure they have full understanding of where their investment dollars are being spent.
    Example – Orbis Product Overview

    Password:  ORBIS

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