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Save $10,000 by the end of year! Finance expert shares the simple tips on how YOU can put away $200 a week

Via Daily Mail

  • Australian wealth management expert has revealed how you can save money 
  • Vanessa Stoykov said you can save $10,000 by putting away $200 a week 
  • She has shared four main tips that will lead to you saving $800 a month

Now that we are properly into the work year and the holiday season has been and gone, you may be thinking about your finances for the year ahead.

One Australian wealth management expert has shared how you can put away $10,000 by the end of the year.

Although that may sound like a hefty sum that’s putting away $200 a week, which Vanessa Stoykov has shown how you can with these easy steps.

Vanessa recommends you to start following chefs on social media and sign up for their newsletters.

Her thoughts behind this is that by doing so, you will be more inspired to cook their recipes at home, which is where you will save money.

‘By becoming a fan, and being inspired by home cooking, you can start to see savings, both on your money, and your waistline,’ she said.

‘Unless you’re into deep fry, you will usually find most home cooking to be much friendlier to your waistline than the calories in eating out.’


‘If you are not locked into a contract for electricity or gas, ring and ask them what are the best options they have available,’ Vanessa told

She said she did this recently and managed to get back $800 from an electricity provider by signing up to direct debit her bills.

Figuring out ways to find these kinds of savings is an easy way to reaching the goal of squirreling away $200 each week. 


Another handy tip from Vanessa is to fill your car up with fuel during the middle of the week instead of Saturday or Sunday as the weekend is often well over 20 cents.

‘So it can cost between $12 and $15 more to fill up. Add this up once a week, and you will find the savings per month to of almost $50 or more — a nice little addition to your savings challenge,’ she said.


Vanessa recommends that when you do occasionally eat out, you aim to split meals with people who are dining with.

‘Here’s a tip though — when I share with my husband, I always make sure I cut it down the middle before each of us start — he eats faster than me so this savings strategy could put me at a disadvantage if I didn’t,’ Vanessa said.

She suggests you keep on top of bringing your own alcohol and sharing large plates whenever you can, that way you will be saving money while also looking after your waist line.

Vanessa said that her family even refill plastic water bottles and make their own coffee, which they then take with them to work, at home.