We place tremendous value on our
meaningful collaborative relationships
with our partners and have fostered
these for over 25 years.

We offer them first class service levels and broadcast quality production values.  Perhaps most importantly, our content brings results for our partners.  From concept creation and strategy through to implementation and distribution, we take our partners on a personalized journey we call The Evo Experience. Communicating today is more important than ever, and whether it is same day turnaround or a bigger strategic education program, we deliver with you and for you.

TV & documentary​

The art of powerful storytelling is needed now more than ever. Like any art form, effective storytelling requires skill, and we have been honing ours for decades. We are experts in creating and developing original ideas and building stories through video. And our deep connections with networks, content platforms and Australia’s most experienced creatives, give our partners access to the optimal channels to reach their audience.

speaking & public education​

Our founder Vanessa Stoykov is a passionate advocate of financial literacy and believes everyone can be happier if they have a better understanding of their own money and wealth. She works with mainstream media, super funds and organisations who want to inspire their people and give them tangible benefits. She is also a published author of a best-selling novel Breakfast Club for 40 Somethings that she wrote to both entertain and educate the readers on getting their money skills sorted.

video learning​

Our belief is that the most effective way people learn is through story. As pioneers of slivercasting in Australian finance, we have designed innovative approaches to learning with video storytelling for more than 20 years. Our approach is to always create relatable, authentic content that connects with our audience in order to achieve the learning objectives for our partners.