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The definition of insanity – 3 ways to change the way you do business

We have all heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing things the same way, and expecting them to be different.

So now is the time to start looking at your business with new eyes. If you want to see better margins, more clients and engaged staff then perhaps it is time to start doing some things differently.

Now this does not mean you have to change everything, of course business as usual must go on, but applying a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference.

1. Fine tune your sales process: How do you attract new clients to your business? Is it through a proposal, and if so, how quickly do potential clients receive it after your first meeting? Can you speed up the process? Can you value add and give them extra information that will help them make their decision sooner? Can you offer them testimonials from others you have worked with to show the difference your business has made? No matter how good your sales process is, there is always room for improvement. Turing sales around faster or improving your conversion rate will immediately boost your bottom line.

2. Re-evaluate your marketing strategy: It’s surprising how often marketing is an afterthought for advice businesses. There are many simple and cost effective ways to kick off your marketing strategy. Have you tried creating content that promotes your business expertise and used social media to get it out there? Have you even decided what you stand for in the content marketing space? If not, now is the time to start thinking about moving your business toward online content marketing and join those who are already reaping the rewards of doing so.

3. Examine your team structures: Having the right people in the right roles can make all the difference to your businesses productivity. Is there anyone in your team that can step up and take the next level of responsibility? Can you offload any managerial tasks to those around you to free up some of your time? Without spending a cent you can reassess your existing resources and look to improve productivity, workflow and your ability to be strategic.

Just showing up every day for business is not enough. To get ahead, we all need to challenge ourselves to do things differently to improve. So seize the day as there’s no time like the present.

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