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The Investment Series

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We’re excited to introduce our latest contributor and the Nine Network show, The Investment Series.

Morningstar is happy to introduce Vanessa Stoykov as our latest contributor. Vanessa is the founder and chief executive of evolution media group–the creator of the Nine Network show, The Investment Series.

Morningstar will publish content from Vanessa on a weekly basis. Vanessa is dedicated to helping Australians take charge of their financial future. We believe her writing fits in well with Morningstar’s mission to help people plan, save, and invest to reach their financial goals.

Vanessa’s first article can be found here. To learn a little bit more about Vanessa, please watch our video interview.

The latest season of The Investment Series will appear on Channel Nine at 12:30pm on 14 October. Vanessa’s team created The Investment Series to bridge the gap between the technical landscape of investments and everyday Australians looking to secure a brighter financial future.

The latest season follows former Neighbours star Blair McDonough’s journey to understand the financial services industry and his investment options as he discovers why he needs to reinvent his sources of income. Watch the trailer.

The former CEO of Morningstar Australasia appears in several of the episodes and we have created a companion Morningstar Guide. The Morningstar Guide will follow the investment topics that are covered on each episode of The Investment Series and provide Morningstar research on the featured managed funds.

This research is normally only available to our paid subscribers. Here is the introduction section and the episode 1 section of the guide.

We will continue to publish additional content as the season continues. Please tune in to the first episode on Channel Nine at 12:30pm on 14 October.


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