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Press Release: Why never giving up has made Matthew Reilly a success

Just two years on from the tragic death of his wife in 2011, best-selling author Matthew Reilly has emerged stronger than ever, inspired by the healing powers of storytelling.

In an exclusive interview with Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line airing this Saturday at 4.00pm, Reilly reveals to host and CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley that the personal tragedy almost cost him his writing career.

“I checked out of the world for a year after my wife died.  You think a lot about madness about how you’re going to live your life again,” he said.

He opens up to Malley about being an inveterate planner always in need of control – and how in life, that isn’t always possible.

“If you think you can control everything, then you’re nuts. You can’t…”

In his interview with The Bottom Line, Reilly reflected on some of the coping mechanisms he used to deal with his grief.

“The best two words you can possibly come up with are ‘let go’ and definitely I’ve learned to let go from that experience,” he tells Malley.

Matthew Reilly is known for fast-paced action thrillers and twisting plots. His latest book ‘Tournament,’ an historical mystery set in medieval Constantinople featuring a 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth as narrator, was released last November.

Reilly credits his roles in amateur theatre growing up for his undeniable self-confidence.  In 1996 as a 19-year-old University of NSW student, he self-published his first manuscript, ‘Contest’ — inventing his own publishing company to include on the spine of the self-printed paperback.

“I was so young, I was bulletproof. I didn’t think I could possibly fail,” he said.

Now 39 years old  and the author of 11 action adventure novels that have sold 5 million copies worldwide, Reilly tells Malley that any success he’s had has been underpinned by determination.

“My life in publishing has been about you take the know, you pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you go to the next store.”

Matthew Reilly in conversation with Alex Malley on The Bottom Line – airing this Saturday 22 February at 4.00pm on Channel Nine.

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