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Production Values Still Matter in a Pandemic

As a media house, evolution media group has grappled with the workflow consequences of COVID19 and social distancing. By our very nature, we stand for high creativity in a technical industry – quality production values delivered by quality people.  The experience is part of what we create for communicating highly important messages.

We are deeply concerned for the future of the Australian media production industry, that is largely based on freelance contractors who move from job to job, ever stimulated and inspired to give their best work by being able to work on multiple projects. For now, most productions have ground to a halt. Great creatives who rely on ongoing jobs for financial security are now left wondering when they will be able to earn again.

Perhaps now more than ever, the world needs powerful storytelling to guide people through these unchartered waters of the first global pandemic of our lifetime.  This is why evolution media group is working with many of our brilliant creative partners to find new ways, in the environment of social distancing, to create high quality storytelling in a cost effective environment.

“At the end of the day, there are different approaches to storytelling, depending on the outcome you are looking to create. We have always believed that entertaining people while delivering intelligent, easy to consume content, is the key to engagement and lasting outcomes. We will soon be able to showcase new ways we can collaborate with the finance industry to deliver this experience in the pandemic era,” said evolution media group Head of Production, Catherine Weinress.