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Vanessa Stoykov is the founder and global CEO of evolution media group, an international award-winning content company, established in 1999 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. She has dedicated almost a quarter of a century to honing the craft of storytelling around money to connect people to their financial potential. 
She has published two books, created and sold the largest video education portal for financial advisers in Australia, and made multiple award-winning TV productions with high profile celebrities who trust her with their money story. 
Originally a financial journalist, Vanessa has deep relationships with the financial services industry, and is one of the founders of The Fund Executives Association, dedicated to the professional development of executives in the superannuation/ pension fund industry. 
She has collaborated with multiple global brands to create stories about money that empower people to take an active interest in their own financial strategy. 
She is also a regular commenter in the media including the ABC, network TV and mainstream daily press, and her level-headed conversations around money reached 21 million people during COVID lockdown. 
The Australian born daughter of a Serbian father and Australian mother,  Vanessa grew up in the NSW town of Gunnedah, where her father worked in the coal mines as a machinist. 
It is this upbringing that has inspired her to share what and who she knows through storytelling, to democratise learning about money – so everyone has access to common language information to make the best decisions for their life. 
 Vanessa has three sons and knows first hand the important of good financial education.
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