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Our education is made personal by our CEO and founder, Vanessa Stoykov. She’s a passionate advocate of money education so you can understand your super, your investments, and your financial position. And with 25 years experience in the financial sector, she knows the right people and the right information to present to an audience to inspire them to take action.

The entire team of creatives working at Evolution Media Group is passionate advocates of financial literacy. They believe everyone can be happier if they have a better understanding of their own money and wealth. And the learning outcomes from our style of creative storytelling are both retainable and actionable.

Vanessa regularly works with mainstream media, super funds and organisations that want to inspire their people and provide them with tangible benefits. She is also a published author of the best-selling novel Breakfast Club for 40 Somethings, published by global publishing house Wiley. She wrote Breakfast Club to both entertain and educate the readers on getting their money skills sorted. 

Whether her audience is everyday Australians, or the financial services industry itself, Vanessa has practiced and insightful ways to bring people on a journey for their money and their lives.

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For the financial services industry, collaboration with Evolution Media Group often means telling your story in ways not before considered, that leave emotion and differentiation in the minds of your audience.

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